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Travis Wild

I deal with severe neuropathy, just one session in and my feet have dissipated bruising, more color, more sensation, and most importantly a step down in pain. All after just one session of local cryotherapy, life pro, and full leg compression. Most nerve relief I have experienced in years. It makes me optimistic that there may be something that hits the root of the problem vs masking with medication. Very thankful for the experience and will definitely continue with more sessions.


It works ! I have had several cryotherapy treatments and was impressed with the immediate improvement in mobility. My issue has been a knee that was damaged decades ago in motorcycle accident. Told Jeremy, I had just grown accustomed to pain when it "acted up" & had to take it easy for a few days. Jeremy explained the process and put me at ease with his ability to relate to my condition. After 1 treatment I noticed less restrictions in my knee and walking. I have had several treatments over a period of month and half. I do not experience my knee "acting up" certainly not as stiff as it once was. I have read about sports medicine and athletes using cryotherapy and recommend anyone in pain this is an option for significant relief . This has been my experience and I am glad I tried it.

Joshua Conner

I booked my wife a body contour session. She felt and saw results immediately. Franklin Freeze just gained another repeat customer! I also booked myself for my shoulder pain. I felt results immediately and the treatment has lasted quite a while so far. I highly recommend!

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