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What are the benefits of a Cryo facial?

So many benefits!

The cold air that is applied to the face (think ice cold) causes your body to respond by sending oxygen rich blood to warm it back up. In this process, the blood cells increase in size by 4x, and your body deposits collagen and elastin to the areas we treat.

The result is instant reduction in swelling or inflammation, and increased blood circulation. Scarring and fine lines are reduced as well from this process.

  • Instantly reduce swelling and puffiness

  • Natural collagen and elastin boost for skin tightening and renewal

  • Rosacea and acne is calmed instantly

  • Fine lines and scarring are smoothed and reduced

  • Increased circulation

  • Mood boost

The best part is that it's all naturally from your own body’s response. No Botox or fillers. So, no poisons in the body and no down time. You can go about your business immediately after a session.

Added bonus: The cryo facial also gives you a light adrenaline boost which also provides a lift in mood.

There are videos on our Facebook page and we have some FAQs on our blog page on our website that discuss what to wear and what to expect from your cryo session. Or visit our services page to see the different ways we can help you live your best life!

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