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What are the Benefits of Cold Plunging?

Reported Benefits of Cold Plunging

Mood (endorphin) boost

*  Pain relief

*  Muscle and tissue recovery

*  Assist in converting white fat to brown fat

*  Engages the immune system

*  Neurocognitive benefits

*  Treatment of certain skin conditions

*  Increases Testosterone levels in men


Cold plunging causes vasoconstriction of the blood vessels which has the effect of relieving pain, reducing swelling, boosting circulation, and improving cardiovascular health.  The shiver from plunging is said to trigger the body to release white fat stores, turning them into brown fat ready to be used for energy, and in turn, aiding in weight loss and improving insulin resistance.


The release of “cold shock proteins” has been shown to create mental resilience and aid in building new neural pathways while providing a boost of energy and mood. 



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