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What's included in the Elite VIP Cryo Package?

Updated: Jan 29

Our Elite VIP package is like nothing else out there. It treats your mind and body and helps you look and feel better! We specifically curated the equipment we use to maximize results while maintaining the environment with little to no downside. We also designed our offices with your comfort, ease, and time in mind. With our VIP package you’ll have access to:

🥶Daily Private Cold Plunge - in our commercial, continuously ozone filtered, professionally maintained plunge.

🔥Daily Private Sauna - Our GoodHealth Infrared sauna with near and far-infrared is the lowest EMF sauna on the market.

❄️Weekly Cryo Sculpting - state of the art Kaasen cryo body sculpting or pain management with added vibration ball or Hypervolt percussion sessions. Concierge services where we travel to you are available for an extra $50 per session.

🚨Weekly red light therapy with the MitoPro redlight.

✅Towels, bottled water, LMNT electrolytes, organic toiletries provided.

👯Up to 10 guest passes available to bring a friend for only $10 while you plunge and sauna.

🥾 Daily compression therapy with our Normatec compression boots.

~ Lymph vibration with the LifePro vibration plate.

Daily cold plunging engages the body’s cold shock protein which has been proven to increase mental resilience and in turn decreasing Alzheimer’s. Cold plunging has also been shown to increase testosterone in men, and has been shown to turn white (stored) fat to brown fat (used for energy).

Daily infrared sauna engages the body’s heat shock proteins which help protect the body from stress. Daily sauna use has been shown to reduce depression, increase the immune system, and soothe aching muscles.

Our state of the art cryo sculpting can freeze fat without damaging surrounding tissues since fat is susceptible to cold. We can tighten the neck, or remove fat from the tummy, thighs or bra line. Weekly sessions alone can run from $200 to $600! Or if you need pain relief or migraine relief, a pain management cryo session can get you back to “you”.

I can’t say enough about the life changing effects this package can have. For mental health, for your overall physical health and for the way you look and feel. There’s a three month minimum commitment since our services are so heavily discounted in this package costing $499 per month. (Value of up to $5,000 monthly!!!)

We believe this is the healthcare preventative and self care maintenance package of the future brought to our Elite VIP members right here and now in our brand new conveniently located boutique office facilities designed and streamlined to allow you to get in and out quickly so you can get on with your busy day.

Feel free to reach out for more information or to schedule a tour and demo.

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