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What's the difference between Franklin Freeze's Cold Plunge and Whole Body Cryo?

Updated: Jan 29

Cold plunges are having a moment! We see folks everywhere plunging and Franklin Freeze is pleased to begin offering professionally maintained cold plunging to our clients! Our plunge is continuously ozone filtered, with mineral deposits and PH balancing, and we provide towels and toiletries for post-plunge freshening.

Cold plunges (ice baths) and whole-body cryotherapy both can provide amazing benefits, including:

  1. Mood (endorphin) boost.

  2. Pain relief.

  3. Muscle and tissue recovery.

  4. Assist in converting white fat to brown fat.

  5. Engages the immune system.

  6. Neurocognitive benefits.

  7. Treatment of certain skin conditions.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a great way to reduce inflammation and release endorphins, providing some pain relief. It involves standing in a tank or chamber that is super cooled using liquid nitrogen and most recently, electricity. The cooling is gradual, and while it can become uncomfortable, it does not engage the body's sympathetic response. WBC uses dry air to prevent frostbite, but the lack of humidity makes the air feel warmer than it atually is. Gloves, socks and sometimes, hats are worn to reduce the potential for frostbite. Studies have shown that most WBC chambers don't evenly distribute the cold, and pain management can be hit or miss.

Cryo plunging, on the other hand, involves submerging in ice cold water (between 39 and 50 degrees) causing the sympathetic nervous system to go into overdrive, triggering a fight or flight response. Many clients will incorporate a type of deep breathing to calm the sympathetic nervous system response to allow for staying in the cold water for 3+ minutes. The initial response from being exposed to cold water causes the release of RNA/DNA binding proteins, ie "cold shock proteins" which have neuroprotective properties. Studies have shown that cold shock proteins can prevent cell death in the brain and even (potentially) prevent or treat neurological diseases, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING, FOLKS!

Franklin Freeze's Cold Plunge is conveniently located at Vintage Franklin's office suites along with our Infrared Sauna to allow you the opportunity to experience contrast therapy. Engaging both the heat shock and cold shock proteins is like both on steroids! We specifically curated the modalities we offer because of the benefits to YOU, our clients.

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