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How Long is a Typical Cryo Sculpting or Pain Management Session?

Cryo Sessions can range from 30 seconds to several minutes. However, the Cryo application is only one part of a typical 30 minute appointment:

  • Consultation - we get to know you and your goals in order to craft a plan to help you live your best life! We fully discuss the process and what to expect at each step.

  • Intake - depending on your goals, we will take measurements, weight, pain levels, etc. We also take before and after pictures to help you follow your progress.

  • Cryo session - this can be as little as 30 seconds to several minutes depending on your goals. For example, a mood boost session to the scalp activates your vagas nerve and releases adrenaline, or a scalp session to relieve migraine pain are on the shorter duration, taking only 30 seconds. Fat freezing in multiple areas of the body can be several minutes of cold application.

  • Cold Lymph massage - many times we will follow up the cold application with cold lymph massage to stimulate the removal of dead fat cells or to continue to stimulation to the treated area.

  • Vibration Ball - if pain management is part of your plan, we will apply vibration to soothe aching tissues.

  • Lifepro vibration plate session - we follow up every session with 10 minutes on the vibration plate.

  • Compression Therapy and an Infrared Sauna are available as add-ons.

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