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How can I maximize my Cryo slimming session?

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

We recommend following these best practices:

  • Increase your water intake. We recommend lemon and/or apple cider vinegar added if possible

  • Avoid alcohol after treatment

  • Exercise daily for 15-30 minutes

  • Massage the area (upward, or toward the heart)

  • Avoid sugars (especially fructose), refined grains (especially gluten), and chemically modified fats

  • Limit high salt foods for 1-2 days post treatment

  • Take Magnesium or Herbs such as Goldensea, Calendula, Echinacea, and Astralgus

  • Optional: wear compression clothing if available

Why do we make these recommendations? Flushing the body of those fat cells we just killed requires an efficient lymph system. Drinking water and staying hydrated (avoiding things that dehydrate) keeps the lymph system moving and active. Movement such as exercise and massage also stimulate the lymph system to be more efficient.

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