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What's the difference between Franklin Freeze's Localized Cryo and Whole Body Cryo?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a great way to reduce inflammation and release endorphins, providing some pain relief. It involves standing in a tank or chamber that is super cooled using liquid nitrogen and most recently, electricity. For best results, removing all clothing except for undergarments or swimwear is recommended. WBC stimulates the body's cold receptors, triggering a systemic response. Gloves, socks and sometimes, hats are worn because the body's core temperature is significantly reduced.

Conversely, localized cryotherapy, using a handheld device that blows super cooled air, targets specific areas of the body for reducing inflammation, pain management, and can even be used for fat freezing. Athletic wear, or clothing that can allow exposure of the area being treated is recommended. The body's core temperature is not significantly reduced. The pressure from the cold air also helps to flush treated tissue of waste and fluid, which is important for lasting pain management.

Each type of treatment has its benefits, but Franklin Freeze chose the Kaasen tool specifically for its ability to get deeper into inflamed tissue. Better than any other tool currently out on the market, the pressurized CO2 both cools and massages tissue, providing deep and immediate pain relief. Specifically targeted areas are sprayed with CO2 gas that quickly reduces the skin's temperature to enact the body's warming response. This response provides a rush of oxygenated blood to the cooled area expanding the capillaries to 4x their natural size which acts as a natural analgesic, relaxing the muscles, and depositing collagen and elastin to the treated area. The results are increased exercise tolerance, strengthening of the muscles and joints, and tightening of the skin. We find that scar tissue repairs itself while adhesions tend to loosen, providing added mobility. The body's warming response also causes a natural mood boost by engaging adrenaline. Clients tend to sleep better after a session.

With Franklin Freeze's exclusive technique, fat can be freezed causing apoptosis (cell death) through cryolipolysis (fancy for fat freezing). The body disposes of the dead fat cells through the lymph system, and the result is a more sculpted body. The tool can freeze subcutaneous fat, but surrounding tissues are not damaged because fat cells are more susceptible to the cold. A single localized cryotherapy session can burn 500 - 600 calories! Visceral fat cannot be treated with localized cryo. We recommend our Infrared Sauna for detoxification and our Cold Plunge to help with deeper fat loss.

Older clients, and those with a cold aversion tend to find our Localized Cryotherapy preferable to WBC.

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